We recused ‘Slippery Sid’ at 15+ years old. He was a long term stray with rapidly declining health.

​Sid is a very lucky boy! He got to Anwell Vets and the amazing team right when he needed to. Another day and the outcome could have been very different. His initial diagnosis was not a positive one but he has miraculously bounced back after getting the care he needs. Sid has had almost all his teeth removed, is now neutered, chipped, free from fleas and worms and on medication for his upset tummy (which was like water on arrival). His kidney disease is now under control and he has been put on a special renal diet. Sid has now found his forever home.

A gentle reminder to anyone thinking it’s OK to simply feed a stray and try and tame them … Look at what happened to Sid, at death’s door before he got help.


It is without any question that neutering cats is in their best interests. Especially female cats because as they get older, they become more at risk of illness.​

Daisy arrived aged 10 and pregnant but also with a huge growth on her tummy. Nothing could be done until she had given birth so we had to wait. Sadly her first kitten died before birth. Her second was unable to feed and was hand reared by Anwell Vets until he sadly stopped growing and had to leave us. Her third kitten thrived with extra help from one of our wonderful fosterers and was rehomed as soon as possible. Daisy then immediately went for surgery and had the (suspected) mammary tumor and a full mammary strip removed, chest X-ray, blood tests and sample sent off.

We were devastated to find out the extent of her illness as a result of being left untreated. Even with a further operation and chemotherapy, her life expectancy was sadly not good. We gave her the best chance and let her live out her final months being loved and pampered.


Fern was a stray who arrived in pain with a horrific injury caused by a cat collar. Please make sure cat collars are quick release. She needed many operations to try and repair the laceration. She was also immune to certain antibiotics.

​Fern found her forever home after 29 weeks in rescue – our most expensive rescue cat to date, but worth every penny and more!

Thank you to Anwell Veterinary Practice and everyone else who cared for her and helped her get better.


Joseph was an unchipped and unneutered boy who was very sadly hit by a car, before seemingly dragging himself into a garden. Things were looking incredibly uncertain for Joseph’s future – he was not able to use his back legs properly and experienced toileting issues. As a charity, we decided that whatever operations and treatment he required, and at whatever the cost, we would give him a fighting chance. Joseph received the very best care and treatment from our wonderful Anwell Veterinary Practice. After a period of extended cage rest to heal while being cared for by one of our volunteer fosterers, this two-year old boy made a full recovery and has found his forever home.


5 year old Kilo, originally from Huddersfield, came to us after being a stray in London and missing for over a year. His microchip wasn’t registered. Not all rescues will go to the trouble of tracing an unregistered chip but we always go above and beyond to ensure the best outcome for every single cat and to reunite cats with their owners wherever possible.

Some vets register microchips and others expect the owners to register microchips. Please ensure your cat’s microchip is registered.


We rescued Henry at 18 years of age. He went years without a warm bed and without knowing where his next meal was coming from. He certainly had not received any veterinary treatment for years.

​Henry arrived with early kidney disease but was microchipped. The New Moon Rescue leaves no stone unturned when trying to reunite a cat with their owner. Our wonderful volunteers spent hours doing the following:

  • Checked the chip and telephone details/address and could get no answer from the number.
  • Checked when the house was sold and spoke to the estate agent involved.
  • Checked the electoral roll to try find the owner.
  • Checked back with the chip company to see which vet purchased the chip, but they had no record.
  • Called vets in the area and found one who had seen Henry, but it was over 6 years ago.
  • Checked Ancestry UK, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Registered him on Animal Search UK and checked through all black and white cats registered as missing.
  • Shared him to various missing cat groups on Facebook (and joined local ones to share his post).
  • Created a list of neighbours/neighbouring roads addresses to send flyers to.
  • Searched online for death records and obituaries.
  • Called the council for death records using information collected.

Our research found that Henry’s owner sadly passed away leaving him homeless. He received such an outpouring of love from our wonderful supporters and has now found his perfect forever home.


Sixpence (our rescue name for him) had been outside in all weathers eating bread thrown out for the birds. After rescuing him, he spent a few days at Anwell Veterinary Practice to be monitored and while we waited for blood test results. He was underweight and seriously anemic.

Another cat chipped but not registered. We did all we could to trace the owner which resulted in a happy ending – Sixpence has been reunited with his family after being lost for weeks.

Please check to make sure your cat’s microchip is registered.


These kittens were rescued by two carpenters when they fell through a ceiling and then taken to Anwell Veterinary Practice. One of our volunteer fosterers took mum and kittens in to care for their needs. They have all found their forever homes.


Zero’s owner sadly passed away leaving him homeless. Local residents were feeding him for several months before we rescued him. After spending some time with one of our volunteer fosterers to help him regain his confidence, Zero has now found his forever home.